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Adventist Community Services, GW
Your trusted source for community compassion

Your trusted source for community compassion
Generously helping the disadvantaged and disenfranchised in the community attain self-sufficiency and independence since 1983




Some of us getting stimulus payments will do fine without the extra money. A neighbor told me she doesn’t need the extra cash – so she’s eager to donate it where it will have the biggest impact. “I know how much my neighbors are suffering,” she said, “so I’m glad that, for once, I can give more than a drop in the bucket.” I am so thankful to have neighbors with a generous spirit.

She’s hoping to enlist other fortunate neighbors to express compassionate kindness and donate their stimulus payments, in whole or in part, to a new Adventist Community Services COVID Emergency Crisis Fund.

For the more fortunate among us, this stimulus windfall offers a chance to make a major difference for neighbors facing devastating impacts of the COVID crisis. Here is an opportunity to remove stress and strain and provide a measure of hope.

Please put “COVID Emergency Crisis Fund” in the memo line below the donation amount.


NOTE : ACS will set these funds aside to assist local families in deepest distress. We will coordinate with social workers at local schools (e.g. Takoma Park school cluster and/or Rolling Terrace/NH Estates) to identify families in greatest need, as well as other referrals.

Please contact if you want to pledge your help. Donate at and put “COVID Emergency Crisis Fund” in the memo line below the donation amount, or mail to ACSGW, 501 Sligo Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910. (As always, your donations will be tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.)

Thank You for Your Continuing Support

THANK YOU! It's been nearly a year since the shutdown began. Each week, thanks to you, ACSGW has distributed over 25,000 pounds of food (12 tons)—enough for 21,000 meals, and about 10,000 diapers for 100 babies/toddlers weekly. More families are coming every week.


THANK YOU for continuing to support ACSGW!

Who Are We

Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington (ACSGW) was established in 1983 as the collective health and welfare service of several local church congregations.  Today, ACSGW is a faith-based, non-profit, organization whose mission helps those less fortunate in our community.

We are a team of donors, community partners, staff, and volunteers who empower those in need through compassionate emergency care, life education, and community development.  ACSGW currently provides food, diapers, free thrift shop, youth development, health and fitness, technology education, and workforce skills.

We invite you to join the team at Adventist Community Services in serving the community and help implement this rewarding mission. 
 You Can Share in the ACSGW Mission and Help Make Miracles
Miracles happen every day at ACSGW, especially during Covid-19. Dedicated volunteers come in, put on all their protective gear, and serve the community with emergency food boxes and diapers.  Faithful donors and partners enable food distribution at the ACSGW center and at satellite locations in the Silver Spring area.

​​​​​​​Generous donors and organizations in the community continue to join to allow ACSGW to more than quadruple its service to the food insecure during this pandemic! The help families are getting in many cases is a matter of their survival.

Like everyone else, the ACSGW team is hoping for the miracle of a break-through discovery that will take us from the Covid-19 nightmare, from job loss and shelter-in-place, and back to a sense of normalcy. Until then your help making every day miracles is needed.

A Gift for You

Download a free guide that will help pivot you through the changes that Covid-19 has brought and will continue to bring to your life




Programs That ACSGW Donors and Supporters Make Possible




The ACSGW team helps stabilize families in need.  Even in normal times, many of our neighbors struggle to make ends meet.  They often struggle to clothe themselves and their families, put food on the table, and find the resources they need to exist, let alone survive, in our fast-moving society.

​​​​​​​In times of major disaster, like Covid-19, your donations and help can literally mean survival.


Emergency Relief - Food and Diapers


This is a challenging time as we wait for vaccines to slow down Covid. We need your continued support for Covid Emergency Relief Crisis Fund to help our community. ACSGW provides food, diapers, and household goods to help people get back on their feet. ACSGW is known for its compassion, inclusiveness and responsiveness and has given hope and help to many hundreds of families during this difficult time. 


Emergency Relief - Clothing


During this cold winter weather our clothes “closet” is open outside to distribute free warm clothing including coats, gloves, scarves, socks, and other items to protect against the winter weather.

​​​​​​​The team at ACSGW is working hard to make sure that items contributed by our community are available to our clients. If you need something you do not see outside, feel free to ask one of our staff or volunteers and they will do their best to help you. 




ACSGW understands that most people want to take care of themselves and their families.  ACSGW offers a hand in helping people learn the skills needed to be self-sufficient.  Clients tell us that being self-sufficient allows them to have a feeling of dignity. The newly learned skills also assist them in obtaining employment and career advancement. Workforce training programs include classes offered in ESOL, computer literacy, computer repair, and workplace software.


Youth Development


The youth from low-income families may not always receive healthy, nutritious meals, and they consistently score lower on academic tests. The ACSGW Making Tracks Academic Enrichment Program is a nationally recognized Montgomery County summer program conducted by ACSGW and its community partners.  This 6-week camp provides vital academic instruction, hands-on visual and performing arts classes, fitness and recreational activities and essential life-skill training. Participants receive daily breakfast and lunch meals, as well as take-home weekend food packages (Smart Snacks).

Your help is needed to deliver this program and others to our marginalized youth and their families in Silver Spring, Takoma Park, and other East Montgomery County communities as we invest in their future. 


Health and Wellness


Exercise and the life skill of swimming is important to all of us. ACSGW contracts with the Montgomery County Government to operate the public swimming pool in the Piney Branch Elementary School. ACSGW also regularly conducts health screenings and provides health-related workshops throughout the community. 


Other Programs


When the needs of our clients cannot be met with ACSGW programs - referrals are made. During the case management process clients are interviewed to understand their needs and qualifications for various assistance programs with other non-profit and government organizations. With this information, it assists clients in finding resources to aid them in difficult times. 

*Our education, Health and Wellness, Youth Programs and Other Programs that are greyed out are operating on a limited basis.

Our Team


You Can Make a Change





"The Montgomery County Food Council is so deeply appreciative of the incredible work Adventist Community Services continues to do. Thank you again"

A county official

"I can see how many lives you are touching every day, from my house across the street"

A grateful neighbor

"It takes courage and a lot of prayers to run ACSGW. He surely is our “help in ages past.” Will keep in touch in my plans for 2021 "

A thankful donor

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